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Hercules will do any trick for blueberries! He loves them!

Hercules loves to jump in his toy box and play with all the toys he has.

Hercules has a new game he likes where we throw the toy and he fetches it and dives into his

Before you leave: Traveling can be a traumatic experience for your dog. Bring a few of his favorite toys and blankets. Plan bathroom breaks. Be especially careful at rest areas, which can pose all sorts of hazards. Supplies to remember: •Flat collar, with ID tags for both his home address and any temporary address you might be using. •Leash •Paper towels and disinfect (in case of an “incident”) •Windshield cover,  [ Read More ]

Doggie First Aid Tips •Heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, bright red gums, unsteadiness, or vomiting may indicate that your dog has heat stroke. Act immediately. Move your dog to a shady spot and pour cool water all over his body. Get your dog to a vet! •Got a dog emergency? If your dog is bleeding, in shock, disoriented, lame, has any major injury, is bloated, or shows signs  [ Read More ]

Traveling with your pooch •The safest place for your dog to travel is in a crate in the far back, or in the back seat with a dog seat belt. Never have your dog ride in the front passenger seat. •Don’t let your dog stick his head out of the window. Even if your dog doesn’t get hit by an errant pebble, dogs do jump from moving cars if the  [ Read More ]