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Merry Christmas!

You can own a dog and not train him but you’ll be sorry down the line. Besides giving you a well-mannered, secure dog, obedience training has many benefits. For one, it increases the bond between dog and human. It also helps you understand your dog and helps him understand you. It sets up boundaries for your dog and helps to avoid misunderstandings, such as the belief that it’s OK to  [ Read More ]

Your furry bundle of joy is now leaving not-so-joyous bundles and puddles throughout your house. What steps should you take to ensure puppy house training success for your favorite canine? Both with puppies and dogs with established potty problems, a combination of management, training, and appropriate sanitization is recommended. For adult dogs that have had reliable potty behaviors and suddenly begin having accidents inside, a veterinary visit including urine and/or  [ Read More ]

Is your pup still acting like a puppy even though he’s just a few months away from being an adult dog? Is he making you a little batty with those recurring puppy behaviors? It is likely that he is still in his adolescent phase and with all the distractions and curiosities of the world around him, even a well-trained puppy may not always listen. Puppies don’t come to us knowing  [ Read More ]

Frenchie clothes. Yes Frenchie clothes. Let’s face it. Dressing up our French Bulldogs is a guilty pleasure. And as long as it’s done in good humor, and not to provoke, hurt, or embarrass someone (especially the dog), it’s harmless fun. Some dog clothes can actually benefit our pets, keeping them warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer. But it’s important that you never mock or ridicule your dog while  [ Read More ]

If you decide to take your Frenchie to the beach, pool, or lake it is a good idea that he have a dog life vest. Like people, dogs can tire in the water, or panic if they fall in unexpectedly. Most Frenchies cannot swim, some do, but all Frenchies must wear a life vest. For ultimate safety on the water, a dog life vest is a must-have accessory. Choosing a  [ Read More ]

Saving money on your dog (and cat) purchases is more important than ever with today’s rising prices…and shopping online can be a great way to compare prices and save gas money at the same time. Today we have a special guest tip from consumer savings expert Regina Novickis about using aggregator websites to locate coupon codes for your next pet supply purchase. “Paws” to find a promotional code before you  [ Read More ]

Here are some nonprofit organizations that offer financial assistance to pet owners. Like all animal welfare agencies these days, many of these funds are strained–so if you’re not in need of help, these funds are always seeking donations! AAHA Helping Pets Fund This arm of the American Animal Hospital Association provides assistance for emergency and non-elective treatment of abandoned pets and pets whose owners are facing financial hardship. Angels4Animals  [ Read More ]

Surgery on your dog can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, figures that cause many dog lovers to look at finance options. Here’s a look at several different options for paying those veterinary bills: Ask about vet payment plans. If you are hit with unexpected vet bills, it doesn’t hurt to ask about payment plans. Many offer affordable plans so you can split the cost of treatment over  [ Read More ]

Lilies Members of the Lilium spp. are considered to be highly toxic to cats. While the poisonous component has not yet been identified, it is clear that with even ingestions of very small amounts of the plant, severe kidney damage could result. Marijuana Ingestion of Cannabis sativa by companion animals can result in depression of the central nervous system and incoordination, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, increased heart rate,  [ Read More ]

Chocolate, Macadamia nuts, avocados…these foods may sound delicious to you, but they’re actually quite dangerous for our animal companions. Our nutrition experts have put together a handy list of the top toxic people foods to avoid feeding your pet. As always, if you suspect your pet has eaten any of the following foods, please note the amount ingested and contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at  [ Read More ]

Finding A Lost Pet

It’s every pet parent’s nightmare: Your beloved dog or cat has gotten loose, and you don’t know where he or she is. Don’t panic—there are many steps you can take to locate your little one. Swift action, coupled with major neighborhood networking, will increase the odds of having your furry friend back in your arms! The key is to get the information out to as many people and places as  [ Read More ]

Go Green For Pets

Go Green for Pets The green scene has gone beyond gardens—it now includes litter boxes and doggie treats. This Earth Day, you don’t need a green thumb to help the planet. If you have an animal companion who eats, sleeps, plays and poops, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to cut down on waste, raise your pet’s quality of life and color your corner of the world green. Spring Cleaning Empty  [ Read More ]

1. They are possibly the most flatulent breed on the face of the planet. We’re not talking one or two little farts per week, either – we’re talking about a constant miasma cloud of evil smelling gas that will hang over top of your Frenchie pretty much constantly. Not only that, but they tend to belch after eating, too. Also, they have no hesitations about doing this when you’ve got  [ Read More ]

Puppy proof your home before your new Frenchie gets there! Make sure harmful substances are kept well away from inquisitive little noses. All cleaning products, paint thinners, household chemicals, antifreeze etc. Secure electrical cords so they cannot be chewed. Puppies should only be given puppy toys to play with or chew. Never real bones, never shoes (they don’t know the difference between new & old shoes), never cow or pig  [ Read More ]

The Den By nature dogs do not like to soil their den. By establishing their den they will try to avoid eliminating when ever they are in their den and will tend to hold it until you take them out of their den to eliminate so it is important that they know where their den is. Whenever you are not home your dog should be left in his den so  [ Read More ]

If you want a whimsical, charming, stubborn little clown, then a Frenchie may be for you. If you want a little friend that will amuse you for hours on end, then a Frenchie may be for you. If you are ready to have your heart stolen by a bat-eared little gremlin, then a Frenchie is for you! Frenchies are seen in movies, on TV commercials, in magazines – they are  [ Read More ]