Merry Christmas!


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  1. Vera says:

    Emma You’re going to LOVE Carl. Agreed R C, when busy, is very British-y. DisneyMommy As Sally said, yep you can bring kids in!Deej Yay! I wish I could spend more hours there.Jenn Indeed. What makes it great is that you can get it at the bar versus gnitteg a table in the restaurant. Perfect grab-and-go.Sarah I sense a fun adventure pre-Behind the Seeds!!Mark D. I’ve gotta have something to dream about, so I’m always watching the menus! Mrs. B How exciting! Your first trip! Definitely go to the pub early, then noon or 12:30 to be sure to get a table. There are no ressies for the pub, only for the dining room.Afoodie Yes! Let us know what you think!Chelsi You’re gonna love it! Would love to go visit Carl with you guys someday!Shayne It’s a must-try! I’ve been trying to get at it for quite a while now! The bacon seemed more slicey than chopped, yes.Dave Absolutely! The is great! Sally A good reason NOT to visit on St. Paddy’s Day! Thanks for the tip!Tara They hide the bulldog and the scotch egg on the menu! Your eyes automatically go to the alcohol! Erin Let us know if you go!!Anna GREAT question! I meant to order one to find out. Looks like I have to take a research trip!Alan Ha! Have you seen the ?

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