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Activated charcoal has the quality of being able to absorb and therefore, bind, toxins found in the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, it is often given to dogs that have been poisoned, dogs that have been given a drug overdose or simply, dogs that may have accidentally ingested toxins. Activated charcoal presents in various forms such as powders, granules or 5g compressed activated charcoal tablets commonly found in most pharmacies.  [ Read More ]

During the fall and spring our dogs coats tend to shed more than usual. When your dogs coat seems dry or you see that they are shedding, try a spoon of Canola Oil once a day in their food.

Sick Doggy Chicken Soup This is a recipe I make often in the winter for Hercules, especially when I see that he may be about to catch a cold, or after a long day of excursions, or as a special treat when he is bored of eating the same thing everyday. This is a great recipe for sick dogs that are on medication, because they refuse to eat or drink.  [ Read More ]