Simple Sick Doggy Chicken Soup

Sick Doggy Chicken Soup

This is a recipe I make often in the winter for Hercules, especially when I see that he may be about to catch a cold, or after a long day of excursions, or as a special treat when he is bored of eating the same thing everyday. This is a great recipe for sick dogs that are on medication, because they refuse to eat or drink. Chicken soup has the vitamins and the fluids to keep your dog hydrated and healthy. This is a recipe for a bland diet soup, which is usually recommended. Please avoid garlic, onion, and brocolli they are poisonous to dogs. Also never give your dog chicken bones.

Sick Doggie Chicken Soup
10 cups water
1 cup chicken broth (low or no sodium) as bland as possible
1 cup carrots chopped in very small pieces
1 cup sweet potato also chopped in very small pieces
3/4 cup white rice
2 washed chicken breasts (no bones)

Place 10 cups of water into a large pot to boil and 1 cup chicken broth. When it starts bubbling place the 2 washed chicken breast into the boiling water (carefully) and let them boil for approx. 45 min. to 1 hour. (this step can also be done the night before and refrigerate the chicken breasts for the following day in a container). Once chicken has been boiled remove the chicken breast and leave it to cool off. In the meantime (if you are making the soup in 1 step) you may now include the sweet potato and the carrots in the same boiling water and let it boil for about 20 min. By then the chicken breasts will be cool enough to handle so shred the chicken breasts as much as possible and put them back into the pot and also put the 3/4 cup of rice at the same time. Let all the ingredients boil for an additional 15 min. Cool the soup off completely and serve. Remember that a dog may find tempuratures to be warmer than what we prefer so make sure the soup is luke warm at serving.This soup can be used as a meal replacement and will last about one week. You should keep it refrigerated and microwave each portion at dinnertime and wait for it to be at lukewarm temperature each time. If the soup requires more liquid because sometimes during storage the chicken and veggies absorb up all the liquids, just add water to each serving before you microwave.


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  1. Jo Morris says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe for your chicken soup for Hercules. My dog loves it very much! Its easy to put her medicine in it too.

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