Tips: Doggie First Aid Tips

Doggie First Aid Tips

•Heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, bright red gums, unsteadiness, or vomiting may indicate that your dog has heat stroke. Act immediately. Move your dog to a shady spot and pour cool water all over his body. Get your dog to a vet!
•Got a dog emergency? If your dog is bleeding, in shock, disoriented, lame, has any major injury, is bloated, or shows signs of heat stroke, call your vet immediately.
•If your dog does get into antifreeze, call your vet immediately.
•If you think your dog got into anything that may be poisonous, call your vet. If you can’t reach him/her, call the Animal Poison Control Hotline at (800) 548-2423.
Doggie First Aid Kit List:
hydrogen peroxide 3%
can of soft dog food
nonstick bandages
gauze and Adhesive tape
saline eye solution
rubber gloves
pet carrier
dog’s health record
emergency phone numbers
copies of health certificates


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