Tips: Traveling with your pooch

Traveling with your pooch

•The safest place for your dog to travel is in a crate in the far back, or in the back seat with a dog seat belt. Never have your dog ride in the front passenger seat.
•Don’t let your dog stick his head out of the window. Even if your dog doesn’t get hit by an errant pebble, dogs do jump from moving cars if the right reason comes along.
•Prevent Canine travel sickness by witholding food and water before a trip. Talk to your vet about an anti-nausea medicine or sedative.
•Cars heat up — especially in the summer. Never leave your dog alone in the car.
•Antifreeze is deadly to dogs! Even in small amounts. There are brands of antifreeze made from propylene glycol, which will not be fatal if ingested by your dog. Ask your mechanic to use “pet safe” propylene glycol antifreeze if he can.


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