Claire Robinson, The Food Network & Newman, her French Bulldog

Meet Newman, Claire Robinson’s incredibly well behaved – and incredibly cute – French Bulldog. He was on this weekend’s episode of 5 Ingredient Fix, where he sat silently on a wooden chair not even 4 inches away from Claire’s freshly sliced duck breasts with citrus port cherry sauce. Newman didn’t make a noise, let alone try to sneak a piece of duck for himself. He patiently waited for Claire to give him a piece, at which time he politely chewed it and swallowed it down with more manners than half of the people I’ve been out to dinner with in my lifetime.

We love you, Newman!


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  1. Patricia McCluney says:

    Clair, I adore frenchies. Newman is awesome in that he has a shorter ear and is boxier than mine. Did you buy him from a breeder and if so can you give me the name. Mine is a little female and I want to breed her only 1 time when she’s over 2. I am looking for a breeder. Thank you

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