Doggy Birthday Cake Ideas

Doggy Birthday Cake

Frosting ideas: cream cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, Neufchatel cheese or cottage cheese. Stiffen icing with meringue powder, which is basically powdered egg whites.

Dogs shouldn’t have as much cake as people eat. A bite or two will thrill the dogs at your party, and will avoid tummy upset later. Any unfamiliar dog food can cause digestive upset.

Use organic peanut butter, rather than the major brands. It has fewer trans fats and is better for your dog.

If your dog is allergic to wheat, substitute rice flour.

Nuts are often not broken down during digestion, so be sure to chop nuts well when using them in recipes.

Carob, a dog-safe chocolate substitute, can be purchased in powdered form or as carob chips at many grocery and health food stores.

For candles, Milk Bones or purchase bone-shaped candles to add the finishing touch to your masterpiece.


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