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Frenchie clothes. Yes Frenchie clothes. Let’s face it. Dressing up our French Bulldogs is a guilty pleasure. And as long as it’s done in good humor, and not to provoke, hurt, or embarrass someone (especially the dog), it’s harmless fun. Some dog clothes can actually benefit our pets, keeping them warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer. But it’s important that you never mock or ridicule your dog while  [ Read More ]

If you decide to take your Frenchie to the beach, pool, or lake it is a good idea that he have a dog life vest. Like people, dogs can tire in the water, or panic if they fall in unexpectedly. Most Frenchies cannot swim, some do, but all Frenchies must wear a life vest. For ultimate safety on the water, a dog life vest is a must-have accessory. Choosing a  [ Read More ]