How To Select Your Frenchie’s Clothes

Frenchie clothes. Yes Frenchie clothes. Let’s face it. Dressing up our French Bulldogs is a guilty pleasure. And as long as it’s done in good humor, and not to provoke, hurt, or embarrass someone (especially the dog), it’s harmless fun. Some dog clothes can actually benefit our pets, keeping them warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer. But it’s important that you never mock or ridicule your dog while the animal is wearing dog clothes. They may believe they’ve done something wrong, and will become resistant to being dressed. So what should you look for when buying dog clothes?

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Clothes









Desirable Features in Dog Clothes

Easy put on

Comfortable to pet


Washable/won’t shrink

Colors stable

Won’t show dirt – for dogs that like to roll in the mud

Whether it’s for fun (Hawaiian shirt, hat, sunglasses), or for comfort and safety (sweater, paw protectors), you’ll want to select dog clothes made from sturdy, lightweight fabrics that are easy to clean. Check the care labels carefully and make sure the dog clothes you buy aren’t going to shrink, fade or wear excessively with normal washing. Check the seams and stitching for quality and durability.

The design, color and style of dog clothes is up to you—your dog probably won’t express a preference. Hats, sunglasses, shirts and more can add color, fun and style to your dog’s next outing. Even dog clothes designed for safety, such as reflector vests and rain gear, can be stylish when the colors of the dog clothes are coordinated with your dog’s coat.

Make sure the dog clothes fit comfortably, with no rubbing or chafing, especially in sensitive areas like the belly and under the arms. Unless your dog is wearing a ‘diaper’ recommended by your veterinarian for bowel or bladder problems, the dog clothes should stop at the rib cage, allowing your dog to safely eliminate without soiling the clothes.

Ideal Choices – “Do These Dog Clothes Make Me Look Fat?”

The ideal dog clothes are lightweight and comfortable, with easy fastening snaps or straps. They are attractive, inoffensive, and designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. They’re washable, durable, and won’t easily show dirt. Well-fitted dog clothes are loose at the neck, and stop at the elbow, and at the rib cage to allow your dog maximum freedom of movement. Dog clothes should allow you dog to ‘do his business’ without getting soiled.

Safety and Shopping Tips for Dog Clothes

Dog clothes safety is key. Because of the danger of getting snagged, or the tendency of other dogs to want to play ‘tug of war’ with the dog clothes your dog may wear, you should never allow your pet to wear dog clothes unsupervised. To avoid potential problems, keep your dog on a leash when wearing dog clothes, or confined in your home, or fenced-in yard, under your direct supervision.

For further safety, avoid dog clothes that have ties or straps that might constrict your dog’s breathing, or interfere with bowel or bladder function. And make sure that the dog clothes you choose can be pulled off easily in an emergency.

Dog Clothes Have Fun

When choosing and using dog clothes, have fun. And let your dog be in on the fun, not the butt of the joke. Dressing alike, or in complimentary costumes on special occasions; can be a great way to share good times with your best friend.


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