Happy First Birthday Hercules!!

We still can’t believe our little munchkin is already 1 years old. Hercules was born on Thanksgiving day when the turkey was in the oven for only 2 hours. Hercules smelled the aromas, and decided that its time to face the world. This explains his love of food, very much so. He is such a sweet, comical puppy. They weren’t kidding when say that French Bulldogs are like little clowns. Our first year with Hercules has been a year full of laughs, and cuteness. We are so happy to have him in our lives.


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  1. Emrullah says:

    Shame. My good friend, Felicity Aston, has just bemoce the first woman to cross the antarctic solo and bumped into the boys as she was heading out of the pole! She too had dodgy weather and had to wait 24 hours for her bus out

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